Whitney Appleton Beery’s got my blog blowin up!

Hi! I’ve found out that people are visiting my blog from a link on facebook. All Whitney Appleton Beery fans… AND Whitney Appleton Beery (link to her blog)!

I really enjoy the show The American Baking Competition on CBS! When it first started I wrote a post about my first impressions of the contestants, and the order I thought they’d be eliminated (you can view it here).

I am a big fan of the show!  The reason I questioned if that was her real name is because it’s just a great name for someone who bakes!  My first impressions were just that and I totally understand that reality TV shows are edited.  I am sure Whitney is a terrific baker – she made it on the show, that’s a big deal!


image from CBS.com

One thought on “Whitney Appleton Beery’s got my blog blowin up!

  1. So neat she found your blog! Too bad it wasn’t on more of a positive note but I totally get what you both are saying. Her name is totally awesome for a baker! Her blog has me craving some pastries. But as viewers we have so little to judge these people on – not like we want to judge people – but it’s a contest. You have to root for somebody!

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