What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

n and daddy

My Boys: I love them!  What can I say!  I think they are adorable and handsome and just the best!  — I also find it super funny/adorable that NF covers his ears and says, “I yah”.  We have no idea why he says “I yah” but he does it every time he covers his ears.  Maybe he likes the way it sounds?

silver linings

Silver Linings Playbook: I FINALLY saw this movie over the weekend.  and I LOVED it!!  If you haven’t seen it… see it.  I won’t give anything else away.


Pretty Little Liars Season 3 on Netflix: I’m finally getting to season 3 now that it is on Netflix.  I was skeptical… I mean how could it go on after 1 and 2 and finally getting some closure?  Oh it can.  My only complaint… Emily.  I’m only 2 episodes in so maybe my opinion can change, but she is annoying me.  Oh, and Spencer and Toby are HOT!  and Aria and Ezra, they aren’t to me anymore.


Juan Pablo on the Bachelorette: I only know like 4 of their names… and Juan Pablo is my fav so far!

utica greens

Utica Greens: I love Utica Greens.  Two Tuesdays in a row, my Aunt has brought me Utica Greens from Georgio’s .  Anyone reading this know what Utica Greens are?  Have you ever had them?  Utica Greens are typically escarole, hot peppers, bread crumbs, prosciutto, pecorino or parmigiano reggiano and probably some other amazing things, broiled to make a golden brown crust on top.