Friday letters

Dear NF, You’re so sweet I can’t take it!!  Will you stay my little boy forever?  You did so well at your check up doctor’s appointment… shots break my heart but you always do so well!

Dear Smellen and TD, Out of everyone, you two understand my life the most… I can’t wait to hang out this weekend!

Dear Teresa Giudice, I have to know where I can get this coat!!!  I’d love to go to a book signing of yours – but you’re never close enough!

teresa coat

Dear Desiree from the bachelorette, Beweare of Ben Scott!!  I just don’t know about him yet!

Dear weather, k got it.  it’s raining…. for like 40 hours straight… you can stop now.

Tropical Storm Andrea, Bring it!  Actually don’t.  Just go away?  Dissapear please?