Thursday Thoughts…


celtic circle necklace

I bought this necklace for my Niece’s 11th birthday.  I have a celtic necklace I wear sometimes and she said she wanted one.  The celitc knot is charm size, but it being tiny makes it delicate and sweet.  The etsy shop is here: – she makes nice handmade jewelery at incredibly affordable prices.  This necklace was $12 with $3 dollars shipping.

This Week’s Reality TV Villian Awards…

The Bronze Medal goes too…


Joe Giudice!!  He makes the list for calling Milania’s Aunt Melissa “Horsey Face” on the phone before meeting her for a play date.  Not nice Juicy Joe!


The Silver Medal goes too…

Brian Emmett!!!  From the American Baking Competition.  He sort of cheated by making two batches of cookies – when the rules were to present what you made.  They were kind of not clear about that… but the show needs some suspense.  I guess he just makes Silver.

 The GOLD medal goes too…


BEN SCOTT!!!  From the Bachelorette.  Ben did bring his son to the first episode to meet Desiree and he was adorable (the boy, not Ben).  If I was that boy’s mom my head would have exploded.  I don’t really understand Ben’s relationship with the mom, he says they’re best friends…   Anyway, that’s not why he won the Villian award.  He won it when he ALREADY had a rose – and was cutting guys off like a creep.  Something about this guy gives me chills… I do not trust him and it seems like Desiree really likes him.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts…

  1. I was cracking up that he called her horsey face. Too funny. I almost rewound to make sure that’s really what he said, but he so did. I couldn’t believe it!!

  2. So glad I came here through Ramblings of a Suburban Mom – I used to have a necklace similar to that (except with dragons intertwined), and have been searching for another! Headed to check out that link right now! 🙂

  3. I LOVE that necklace! So sweet! I hope your niece loves it 🙂

    And that guy on American Baking Competition was so cocky! “I don’t care, my cookies are the best” Um, no, they just told you they weren’t, shut up. LOL. I still haven’t decided who to cheer for on that show though.

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