What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

nf june

NF: Always loving this little guy!  He has a doctor’s appointment today – oh no not shots!!


Lake Placid: This was our backyard for our mini getaway.  Hot tub, lakeshore, hammock etc.  I’m for sure loving Lake Placid.

cslb bj

Ben and Jerry’s Coconut Seven Layer Bar: Had to stop at Ben and Jerry’s while on vacation and I tried this!  Sooo good if you like coconut.  The “fudge flakes” were more like dark chocolate chunks and I love that!


Fried Pickles: I had NEVER had fried pickles before – and they were AMAZING!  We ordered them at Lake Placid Pub & Brewery and I fell in love.

gap outlet

Gap Outlets: Once you’ve shopped at a store’s outlet, it’s like you’ll never shop at the regular store or site again… the prices are just too good.  Normally I could spend $25 on a shirt from Gap (maybe even more) but at the outlet, you can buy like 4 shirts for $47 and that’s exactly what I did (one of the shirts was actually $3!!!).

teresa coat

Teresa Giudice’s coat: Didja see the first episode of RHONJ?  AHH!  I loved it.  I also loved Teresa’s coat… I hope it wasn’t real animal fur or something bad – but it was so diva I couldn’t take it I loved it so much.  This season looks insaneeee!!!