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Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

american baking comp

The American Baking Competition Wednesdays on CBS… This show premired last night… and I had no intentions of watching it… but nothing else was on.  I gave it a shot… and it was inspiring!  It made me want to bake!  It also taught me that the WORST thing you can do to a pie is have a “soggy bottom”.  I think a lot of my pies have had soggy bottoms… I didn’t know this was a key indicator of a good or bad pie!!  So since this is a competition show, each week a contestant is eliminated… I HAVE to share my predictions based on the first episode…

#1 Carlo Fuda: first eliminated… and I called it.  He did bad on all three challenges.

#2 Whitney Appleton Beery:  Is that really her name?!  I think she’ll be second to go.  She’s just too young (21)!  The others have years of experience… she’s a little bit too cocky for my liking too.

jeremy cross
#3 Jeremy Cross: He was so not impressive the first episode and likey to be eliminated very soon… it would be predictable to say he’s 2nd to go but I’m going to say he’ll be 3rd.

#4 James Reddick: The heart throb of the group… you have to have a young handsome baker for the woman watching the show to drool over.  I think this will only take him so far… and the other ladies will beat him with experience.

#5 Darlene Pawlukowsky: She seems like a middle of the pack kinda lady now… but I am sure she’ll shine in a later episode.

#6 Kolette Biddle: She’s cute!!  But is she an emotional mess?  We’ll see!!!

#7 Elaine Francisco: Ohh I want her to teach me to bake.  Her peach cobbler was a mess though, to be fair she didn’t have enough time!!  Her lattice was a mess too… but she redeemed herself!!

briana emmett
#8 Brian Emmett: I am pretty sure he’ll make it far in this competition but he won’t win… he seems a little too full of himself and not the kind of person they want winning.

#9 Effie D. Sahihi: She’s adorable!  I loved her tarts!

#10 WINNER Francine Bryson: nothing she makes is low calorie… but I wanna eat ANYTHING this lady bakes.  WOW!  She’s super funny too!  Totally a fan!  She’ll be the winner!

17 thoughts on “Thusday Thoughts

  1. Her full name IS actually Whitney Appleton Beery… Let’s see what you bake. Quit with your BS. No one cares. Good luck on your show!….. oh wait.

  2. Whitney isn’t cocky at all, I know her personally. You’re off on a lot of things. Wish you didn’t have to approve our comments – guess some people can’t take criticism though.

  3. I guess you believe everything you see on reality television and that they don’t edit anything? Whitney is awesome at baking and is very good at 21! Yes that is my cousins real name… And she is far from cocky! I am sure being filmed made her nervous.

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  5. Alison – this is great! Fun to see the predictions! I stick true to my traditional ‘old-world’ flavors, but understandably, it’s always risky to go with regional, complex, and oftentimes, foreign flavors (especially in America). But, I’m an optimist – it took years for the U.S. to embrace and popularize the espresso, polenta, tripe, and the fatty, but delicious, prosciutto. I wouldn’t be surprised if more of Italy’s hidden secret recipes and essences find their way across the pond in a few years. =) Also, I’m loving the Whitney out-pour. That’s my girl…She’s so awesome and a testament to me that life-long friendships and connections really do come out of reality television!

    • WOW! Carlo Fuda! You’re famous! I love ricotta pie and I thought your bird cutouts were cute. I love Italian food soo much and I was looking forward to you bringing that into the competition – unfortunately you were gone too soon!
      It’s wonderful that real friendships do come from reality television – I always wondered about that. Everyone so far seems to like each other pretty well, but you never know what the editors don’t show you!
      I’ll be frequenting your blog! Thanks for leaving a comment!!!

  6. Whitney is the furthest person from cocky. Just because she’s actually joking around and being sarcastic in the first episode
    you find her cocky… god forbid she makes jokes like “I don’t like apple pie” when her boyfriend says that all girls do… oh and heaven forbid she makes an “I’m awesome” quote. Get real. She’s the sweetest.

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