I’m Totally Trying it June Edition

totally trying it

  1. Read Jacyee Dugard’s Book – A Stolen Life
  2. Cook with Shrimp (I never do it)
  3. Buy pants from Target (I never have)
  4. Watch the new show Save Me on NBC (it’s Summer TV – slim pickins)
  5. Read Amanda Knox’s Book – Waiting to be Heard

3 thoughts on “I’m Totally Trying it June Edition

  1. You’re right about summer tv…I just started watching Scandal and I am hooked!

    I love the look of some of the pants at Target but they always fit me so weird. Maybe I’m shopping in the wrong section. Good luck!

    • I usually don’t try on clothes at Target because I have my son with me and it just seems like too much work. But I’m determined to try it… I mean if I can find pants I LIKE for under $25 then it’s worth a shot. But if I’m not in love I’ll refuse to buy them, the last thing I need is more pants I dont wear, but still keep thinking my body will morph into fitting into them correctly.

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