I’m Totally Trying it – The April Edition Results

totally trying it april

Jessica Alba’s Book: I was overwhelmed… I can’t replace everything everywhere to be eco friendly.  Reading this book made me feel inspired and guilty at the same time.  This book did get to me buy a label maker (which Jessica talks about using) – and I organized my bathroom stuff.  I bought all the stuff from Target.


Find Leopard Flats: I love my new leopard flats!!!!  I purchased them on ebay from Funkykiwi.  I’ve found that their 6 1/2 flats fit me perfectly.


New Show on ABC: Well I gave How to Live with Your Parent’s For The Rest of Your Life a shot and I love it… I love the parents the most… and I just heard yesterday it’s going to be canceled.  Thanks ABC… you gave it like 6 episodes and pulled the plug.  Why do you put me through this!!!  Just cancel Happy Endings already, you’ve ruined Friday night TV for me lately.  AH I’m mad about this.

Boar Bristles: I got this brush and it’s fancy!!  I leave it in my gym locker.  It doesn’t really get out knots but it smooths my hair out!

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