Friday Letters…

Friday letters

Dear NF, Why did you decide 5 days ago that you no longer eat meat and vegetable baby food jars?  They were so easy for me to feed you.  What happened?  Sooo now that you’re not having that for dinner why won’t you eat hot dogs, eggs, mash potatoes, or any food other than cheerios, fruit, and yogurt?  I’ve heard, if they’re hungry, they’ll eat it… but you’re pretty good at holding your appetite to wait for the cheerios and apple sauce I give in and feed you.  I always said my child will never be a picky eater because I judged those parents with picky eater children soo bad.  We’ll keep working on it.

Dear the song Mad by Muse, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

Dear Smellen, Thanks living near me again.  It’s been a year since you moved back and I’m so glad you’re here and a big part of your nephew’s life!  He loves you!!

Dear Cdizzy, Watching Big Bang Theory makes me want to eat Chinese food… maybe we should do that, and have dumplings, since they always seem to be having that – and then watch a few episodes!!

Dear Ron Swanson, you gonna be a DADDY!?

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