Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, I’ve seen you every day of your life so far (19 months old today!!)… and this Saturday, I won’t see you at ALL!  I’ll miss you!  Oh, and I think it’s adorable you’ve discovered your belly button.

Dear Lake Placid, I’ll be seeing you later tonight!!  Can’t WAIT!!!

Dear Cdaddy, A weekend together!?  Let’s have a great time… and no Phish CDs on repeat in the car PLEASE.

Dear Smellen and mom and dad, BE GOOD TO MY BABY!!!!!!!!  jk I know you will.  Have fun and don’t teach him anything too bad!

Dear bathingsuit bod, you’re not exactly what I want you to be… but at this point whatever… I’ll keep working on you – but I’m still going to eat a lot of chocolate and have fun.

Dear new air conditioner, wow… you have a remote?!  wow.  I am SO glad you arrived before June… and before last night!  We all slept amazing!!  (maybe too amazing because someone over slept ((not me))).

Dear summer time TV, you don’t have to be terrible… so why are you?!  I also have no idea what’s on every night.  I can count on my wheel and jeopardy… but after that I’m like what???  What’s on what???  Do I really want to bother with whatever that is??  So far I’ll watch American Baking Competition… I can’t see myself really getting into so you think you can dance, but maybe… I will be so mad at myself if I get attached to big brother, but I can see it happening… I refuse to watch more than 5 minutes of wipe out a day.  Not going to watch bachelorette… and I am SO glad bachelor pad is not on.  (Sorry if these are your favs).  Without cable my shows come from FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC… anyone see anything good this summer on those stations???

Thusday Thoughts


Today is Thursday and it’s time to link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

american baking comp

The American Baking Competition Wednesdays on CBS… This show premired last night… and I had no intentions of watching it… but nothing else was on.  I gave it a shot… and it was inspiring!  It made me want to bake!  It also taught me that the WORST thing you can do to a pie is have a “soggy bottom”.  I think a lot of my pies have had soggy bottoms… I didn’t know this was a key indicator of a good or bad pie!!  So since this is a competition show, each week a contestant is eliminated… I HAVE to share my predictions based on the first episode…

#1 Carlo Fuda: first eliminated… and I called it.  He did bad on all three challenges.

#2 Whitney Appleton Beery:  Is that really her name?!  I think she’ll be second to go.  She’s just too young (21)!  The others have years of experience… she’s a little bit too cocky for my liking too.

jeremy cross
#3 Jeremy Cross: He was so not impressive the first episode and likey to be eliminated very soon… it would be predictable to say he’s 2nd to go but I’m going to say he’ll be 3rd.

#4 James Reddick: The heart throb of the group… you have to have a young handsome baker for the woman watching the show to drool over.  I think this will only take him so far… and the other ladies will beat him with experience.

#5 Darlene Pawlukowsky: She seems like a middle of the pack kinda lady now… but I am sure she’ll shine in a later episode.

#6 Kolette Biddle: She’s cute!!  But is she an emotional mess?  We’ll see!!!

#7 Elaine Francisco: Ohh I want her to teach me to bake.  Her peach cobbler was a mess though, to be fair she didn’t have enough time!!  Her lattice was a mess too… but she redeemed herself!!

briana emmett
#8 Brian Emmett: I am pretty sure he’ll make it far in this competition but he won’t win… he seems a little too full of himself and not the kind of person they want winning.

#9 Effie D. Sahihi: She’s adorable!  I loved her tarts!

#10 WINNER Francine Bryson: nothing she makes is low calorie… but I wanna eat ANYTHING this lady bakes.  WOW!  She’s super funny too!  Totally a fan!  She’ll be the winner!

What I’m Loving Wednesday…

what Im loving wednesday

nf zooo

NF: How could I not be loving this guy!  He’s the size of a big penguin!


Grits: I’ve been eating grits from a cafeteria for weeks and I just thought it was the white oatmeal.  I JUST found out it’s grits… I mean I had a feeling it might not be white oat meal… maybe it was called hot cereal?  I put granola and a little brown sugar in it.  It reminds me of the cereal I used to make for NF when he was really little.  Anyway, I just found out I’m loving grits.  I saw that they have different flavors on the quaker website… I don’t know about all that – I’m stickin with the plain.


This photo of Teresa and Gia: I’m pretty ready for RHONJ to start!  and I’m loving this photo Teresa shared last week of her and Gia years ago.  So so cute!

Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear NF, it’s pretty cute that you love being in the dog cage… but once you’re in – you don’t want to leave!  I also want to know how you have no problem eating dog food… but you refuse a lot of people food.  Is my baby turning into a puppy?! (we don’t GIVE him dog food, he just b-lines it to dog bowls where ever we are to try some).

Dear Smellen, I probably should come up with a better name for you on here.  I can’t believe you’re turning 25 on Saturday.  I am pretty excited for you to open all the random gifts I got you!  You’re like the best sister ever!!

Dear Target, You really got me hooked.  I get coupons and gift cards after I purchase things, it just makes me want to go back and back and back.

Dear season finales, it’s a sad time of year… the beginning of the Summer TV starts now… reruns, odd shows, a confused television schedule.  So you better make it worth it finales!!  So far I was pleased with Nashville…

Dear weather, you really had to make it interesting didn’t you.  May couldn’t have been mid 60’s… it had to be 80’s or 40’s.  I’m freezing one day, I’m sweating the next.  Let’s make June a month of 75 and Sunny… thanks!


Thursday Thoughts



Kellie Pickler wins DWTS Season 16: Tuesday night, 8 PM, I’m all settled in to watch the DWTS finale and nooooo it’s the Bachelor’s Funniest Moments!!!  I watched it.  I’ve only really watched one or two season of the Bachelor – so I wasn’t like really into it, but it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be when I realized it was on and DWTS finale didn’t start until 9 PM.

OKAY so DWTS season finale starts.  I’m watching.  I realize it’s almost 10 PM…. and they’ve only booted Aly Raisman…. how are they going to wrap this up in less than 3 minutes?  and then a commerical comes on… impossible!!  Does this go on until 11 PM noooooooooo it doesssssss.  I was tired.  But I stuck it out.  I watched Kellie Pickler win!

Honestly, I am SOO DWTS’d out.  I do not want to watch the ABC morning after after party.  Wait, so they film the finale live… then immediately get on a plane to fly to NYC, which has an earlier time zone – and then party on ABC GMA all day?!  Insanity.

you know what else is crazy… the bleeding mess Val was when Zendaya elbowed him… he’s still lookin good though!



Alternators: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  You really know how to f up a week dontcha.  Car repairs are the worstttt.  They cost a ton, it’s never easy to bring them in, cause ummm like they’re taking your transportation.  Then when you have a baby that requires a car seat so you’re lugging that thing around or trying to coordinate rides with someone else who has a car seat – it’s just so much!!  I need a new car, suggestions anyone?


The Billboard Music Awards: Let’s talk about this for a minute.  3 major things happened (in my opinion as major)…


#1 Miguel takes girls out by landing on them when jumping off stage into the crowd.  Whattt?!


#2 Justin Bieber won an award and the audience boo’s him.  I was watching this live.  I thought he was just taking FOR-EV-ERRR to accept his award.  I was like come on biebs just say thank you already.  Then he says, “I’m 19 years old…. I’m 19 years old…. I’m 19 years old… I’m 19 years old…” (maybe it was one or two less than that)… and I was like okay SO WHAT?!  Next year you’ll be 20 years old, and then you’ll be 21 years old.  Oh Bieber, yes you’re 19 years old, and you’re doing pretty good for yourself, we got it, haters gonna hate.  It wasn’t until the next day when I read about it that I found out he was so awkward because they were booing him.


#3 the late performance by Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne…… okay… first of all… that behind is large and I couldn’t stop staring at it.  I was hypnotized.  Then she gave lil wayne a lap dance and I snapped out of it… I was like WHAT what what what are you WATCHING!?!!!  What is this on network television!!  Good thing the kiddos are sleeping but WHAT ABOUT THE WEST COAST!  They are still seeing this!  Please someone tell me they saw this too.

the middle

The Middle Season Finale:  The Middle is one of my favorite shows just for the few omg that’s me moments that happen every episode.  This episode… I was Frankie Heck.  Axl is graduating, and I saw my future self (hopefully not) when my first born son graduates high school.


Frankie tackles Axl to the ground when he refuses to wear black socks to his graduation – and tries to put them on him.  That reminded me of chasing NF around trying to get socks on him now.  I can see this happening in 16 years.


She’s so mad at him she says she can’t wait for him to leave for college – then he walks across the stage and she loses it.  She has an amazing cry face.


I wonder if NF’s graduation photo with me years from now will look a little like this one.


Nashville Finale: Spolier alert if you haven’t watched it yet…  Here’s a list of my “WHATTTTTTTTT I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENSSSSSSSSSS!!!” end of the episode moments…

  • Rayna and Deacon are in a car accident… I didn’t see THAT coming… well I did once they kept going back to clips of Rayna driving and them arguing – I thought, “oh no not a car accident.” and CRASH.  car accident.
  • Peggy’s pregnant with Teddy’s Child… ughhhhhh whyyy???  I was so ready for Peggy to be gone.  Maybe it’s a lie.
  • Gunnar proposes to Scarlett… umm huh?  Now’s not the time Gunnar… I mean Scarlett wouldn’t even accept flowers from you that day… do you think she’s going to accept an engagement ring?

Some other things that were not so shocking, Will see’s an ex lova at a bar and he looked pretty protective over his lady playa style… I feel he’ll be a star soon and a scandal coming on.  Tandy quit working for her dad… and I so don’t even care.  And Avery and Juliette are friends now?  I really am sticking to being an Avery hater, he’s just using everyone to get to the top – you think he’s been humbled by being a rodey, no, I’m still anti Avery.