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The celebrity contestants for the upcoming ABC show 'Splash' film a promo at the Aquatic center.

Splash Injuries… Splash, the ABC celebrity diving show, is dangerous.  I’ve watched every week so far… and each week I’m more terrified for the contestants.  First Chuy basically breaks a leg standing by the pool(which they have recorded).  Then Rory Bushfield totally ruptures his eardrum.  At this point Kendra does the right thing and bolts off the show.  Nicole Eggert takes a terrible fall off the diving board trying to do a handstand in preshow practice… still on the show weeks later she was just hospitalized for back bruises?  Then Katherine Webb gets a back injury and leaves the show.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took a high dive and then was all confused and couldn’t really swim when he came up, and when asked if he was alright in the water, he hardly could get a “no” out (totally scary).  THEN last night Drake Bell smacked his body/face so hard in a messed up practice dive preshow he had a black eye during the taping!  Enough’s enough, I don’t want to see anyone else get hurt!!


Jenelle… whyyyyy!!  Your roller coaster reckless behavior is so frustrating.  You’re doing good, you’re doing bad, you’re doing okay, you’re doing extremely bad, you’re doing so-so, you’re in jail… over and over and over.  I see celebrity rehab in your future.


Face masks… I LOVE a good face mask.  Nothing like putting one on, and then doing absolutely nothing, AND still feeling like you’re doing something productive!!  I am interested in trying different kinds out.  I see that Ulta has a pineapple one, dead sea minerals, mint & lemon, chocolate and strawberry facial masks!!


Daenerys and her dragons… I watch game of thrones every week.  I’m not claiming to be a huge fan… I don’t usually get what’s going on all the time… but what I DO know is that Daenerys and her dragons are my favorite part of the show and this weeks episode was THE BEST EVERRR SO FARRR of her and the Dragons.  WOW WOW WOW I mean I frickin LOVED it!!  When she speaks Valryian and Kraznys realizes that she’s understood all his insults the whole time – I LOVED IT!!  Then she turns all the slaves on their masters… then the dragon burns Kraznys.  THEN all the slaves are free and follow Daenerys outta there!  AHHH!

8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts…

  1. I love face masks! I was actually thinking the other day about how thrilled I am with the new one I brought home. I usually use clay masks but I went on a whim and bought a pumpkin based masked a couple weeks ago ( and LOVE IT!

    I have semi-sensitive skin. Pretty clear, a blemish every now and then (not acne-prone), but I do have blackheads (yuck!) and I think the pumpkin helps with them. It smells like Thanksgiving on my face (which I’m totally into). The catch is that the pumpkin tingles…a lot. It almost feels like burning at first so it was a shock the first time I tried it.

    I have to take a bath at the end of stressful days so pretty much every day and I will put a mask on before getting in maybe twice a week.

    • I so want that pumpkin face mask. I just emailed it to my mom and sister and said I want this for my birthday, or mother’s day if it doesn’t arrive in time (my birthday is May 9th, Mother’s day’s the 12th)… I don’t think my sister gives me a mother’s day present? This is my 2nd mother’s day being a mother… but maybe by putting that in the email, she’ll think she’s supposed to? Anyway, if I don’t get this as a present, I’ll probably get it myself. I can’t wait to try it!!

  2. Do they still have Celebrity Rehab? She’s the perfect candidate. I don’t get why people call the cops when they have drugs in the house. Really? You know you are going to get arrested.

    As for celebrity diving, Nicole’s back looked awful. I don’t think I ever realized how dangerous diving was before this?

    Thanks for linking up!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

    • I don’t know if they still have celeb rehab, I googled it, and it doesn’t look like there’s an upcoming season. They’re doing couples therapy now with dr.drew. I saw a cops episode where the woman went up to a cop and said, I just sold that woman crack and she didn’t pay me. And the cop was like, really? you’re admitting that to me right now? and she said, YES yes she stole my crack she didn’t pay me! I was like woooowww what?!!
      Teen mom had me tear up a little bit… it always does. I felt so much for Leah and the girls. Nicholas goes to a specialist, but we dont have to drive 4 hours to get there! Chelsea’s hair was fab, like usual. I was mad Javi didn’t support the therapy, it seemed like a very civil way to communicate with Jo. Then Jenelle, obviously addicted to drugs and totally hating her life – so mean to barbara ugh.

  3. Love Game of Thrones. If you ever decide to read the books the Daenerys seen is soo much better in the book. They did a great job of capturing it on film don’t get me wrong, but shes so much more badass in the books. I love her!!

    • I’ve been told the books are great. I think I’d need like a character name cheat sheet so I know who I’m reading about! My bf listens to the audio tapes, so he always knows what’s going to happen ahead of time.

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