What I’m loving Wednesday…

what Im loving wednesday


Nicky Flash: I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since he turned 1!!  We’re half way to 2!

Search Teresa Giudice: This is a random fun thing to do from time to time when you feel like you need some Teresa in your life– check out tumblr for some gifs… http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/teresa+giudice … or I like to check her website for her apperance schedule to see if she’ll have a book signing near me… (I have all her cook books, and I’ve never once made anything out of them… maybe that should be on my totally trying it May edition!!).  http://www.teresagiudice.com/schedule/


Home made pizza: C made chicken bacon ranch, and tomato spinach garlic pizza last Friday… AHH so so so good – he really makes like the best pizza!

bet on your baby

Bet on Your Baby: I love this show!!  And so does the little guy… he seriously sat and watched it with me, and CLAPPED when the babies came on.  He really enjoyed it!  I love that Barbara Jean (Melissa Peterman) is the host and that she’s 5’10 but just towers over some of the parents.


Salt Potatoes: I didn’t know that not everyone in the USA eats these until I got to college and my roomates from Long Island were like “what the f are salt potatoes?”.  WHAAAT?!!  Duhhh they’re like little potatoes that boil in really salty water… you eat them out of a styrofoam bowl filled with melted butter?  And we eat them ALLL Summer long.  It’s a BBQ side staple.  I was shocked when I learned that this was really a Syracuse (Central NY) thing.  I mean it makes sense though – we’re pretty salty around here.  We have a big history of salt production.  Oh and duh, we’re the “Salt City”.

5 thoughts on “What I’m loving Wednesday…

  1. This is the first time I have ever heard of salt potatoes! And the Nicky Flash stuff cracks me up…I freaking love the AT&T commercials with Nicky Flash.

    • You have to try some salt potatoes! I wonder if they even sell them outside of ny state, all you need is just small white potatoes, and then boil them with like a whole cup of salt in the water. That’s so great you knew exactly where I got the nick name for Nicholas!!!

    • I read this comment and was like who’d DARE question a styrofoam bowl and then I realized it’s YOUUUUUUUU!! Because Smellen, everytime you’re BBQing w a group people they’re always having their salt potatoes out of a styrofoam bowl, HELLO! If they weren’t in a bowl, then your melted butter would be everywhere. P.S. did you get my letter to you on here? Let’s go to bingo.

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