Friday Letters…

Friday letters

Dear Nicky Flash, I have no idea how you’re becoming more adorable and funny but you are and we love it!

Dear Janman, Can’t wait for you to come visit tonight!!

Dear Preditors, I’m taking a self defense class tomorrow – so look out for your eye balls if you wanna mess with me.

Dear Smellen, let’s go play bingo at the casino some day kinda soon.

Dear Annabanana, glad you’re safe in Boston!  I can’t believe all this crazyness is happening right outside your door.  I can’t help but think right now, what if I was IN LABOR in Boston right now… like while the city is shut down.  That just seems so crazyyytown to me!  Stay safe!

Dear C-Dizzy, I really can’t wait for you to make PIZZAS!!!!!