April 2013 Birchbox Review

My April 2013 Birchbox has arrived!!  Here’s my review…


This is what the box looked like when I got it…


This is what was in the box…


Weleda Body Lotion: These samples are pretty small and probably good for only one use.  I do get to try out each scent which is fun.  But the lotion is $16.50 for 6.8 oz which is pretty steap for a lotion.  The three scents I recieved were, Sea Buckthorn, pomergranate, and wild rose.  I am interested in seeing what sea buckthorn smells like.  I would have traded out the wild rose for citrus if I had my pick of 3.


Youngblood Anti-Shine Mattifier: This sample is tiny… but I don’t really care beacuse I don’t have a shiney face (at least I don’t think that I do)… sooo I’ll put this on my face but I’m never going to buy the real thing for $36.00.


StriVection-SD Concentrate for Wrinkles: For $65 an oz I’d expect this clinically-proven award-winning concentrate to be amazing.  It’s supposed to reduce wrinkles and darkness under your eyes etc.  The sample size was pretty good… I’m happy to try this out.


Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir: This sample is mini.  I put it in my hair.  I don’t hate the smell of it… but it’s not my favorite smell.  It’s supposed to make my hair grow faster, make it stronger, look healthier etc.

body wash

Skin&Co Bagnodoccia Body Gel: I was really exiced about Sicilian body gel!  I read some reviews and people did not enjoy the smell… and so I was really anxious to see what it smelled like… and yup… it should be called Sicilian grandma body gel.  THAT is what I think grandma’s smell like.  Maybe I should give this to my grandma.

Well, I wasn’t too thrilled with my Birchbox this month.  I really loved last month (from what I can remember).  For $10 bucks a month I’m okay with it… If you’re interested in signing up go here…


Graze Review Box #5

Graze box is a box that comes weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or pretty much however often you want… it comes with 4 fun, healthy, creative snacks!  It’s only $5 a box (that includes shipping).  Totally worth it!  Go to Graze.com and use this code XDGNFDH.


  • Cookies and Cream: I was most excited about this.  Mini chocolate cookies, roasted hazels, white chocolate buttons, and sunflower seeds.  Well… I liked everything but the sunflower seeds.  The seeds were boring and had no taste, I basically ate everything but the seeds first then I just had a pile of seeds I didn’t really feel like eating.
  • Boston Baguettes: I was weary to try this BBQ relish with tomato breadsticks.  I think because it sort of looked like the red onion marmalade I had once that I greatly disliked.  BUT I do like BBQ so I dug in and I was satisfied.  I liked it.
  • Brooklyn Bites: BBQ pumpkin seeds, poppyseed pretzels, and cheese cashews.  I wasn’t really in love with this.  I didn’t know they were pumpkin seeds when i was eating it (I didn’t read what it was first).  I kept thinking these are shaped like bugs and that makes me uncomfortable.  The pretzels, I had high expectations, but I dont know why, poppyseeds dont really taste like much?  And the cheese cashews, I was a little bit grossed out by.
  • Festival Fruits: pear, blackcurrants, apple, and pitted dried plums.  I LOVED the pears.  The plums were ok.  The apples are like leathery.  The blackcurrants are sour – but ediable and I feel like they have to be doing some kinda antioxidant thing for my body so I’m okay with it.

Thursday Thoughts



Kareem Adul Jabbar… He’s 66 years old 7 ft 2 and DIVING from a 10 meter platform.  THIS was scary – and when he didn’t immediately swim to the ladder I was freaking out.  This show is sort of too dangerous and I don’t want them to dive anymore.


Selena Gomez – Come & Get it… This song probably hasd 10 words total… but I really like it!  Watch it here… http://perezhilton.com/2013-04-17-selena-gomez-come-and-get-it-dancing-with-the-stars-performance

Ummm that’s all I have for Thursday Thoughts.  Short and sweet.