I’m Totally Trying it – April Edition

totally trying it april

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This is my first try at totally trying it… and it’s already almost half way into April… so I decided to start kinda small.

Jessica Alba’s Book: This was one of Jen’s picks.  I read reviews and it looks pretty promising.  I was planning on reading Caroline Manzo’s book next… but I read reviews on that and I was scared away.  I’m excited to read Jessica Alba’s book, The Honest Life, and finding out what the rest of you thought of it too.

Find Leopard Flats: I mean, I will find a pair, and then wear them.  I have zebra flats I love and I just think a leopard pair would be great… and I’m totally ready to try it?!  I guess this is sort of a stretch on trying new things…

New Show on ABC: So far I’ve seen two episodes of How to Live with your Parents for the rest of your life… and I am a fan.  I’m going to keep watching and really stick with this new show.

Boar Bristles: I was looking for a new hair brush on birch box and they only had like one.  And it was spornette luxury cushion… which has boar britles.  Sooo why not I’ll try it!  I have birch box points to spend!

Friday Letters

Friday letters

Dear SUNY Brockport, it’s only been a little more than 3 years since I left you.  So why are you tryin to get me to buy a like where are they now year book thing?  If I wanted to know what people are up to now days I can easily check linked in or fb.  I mean I get it, it’s a way to raise money… juuust not from me.  I’m going to say it… here it goes… my taxes go to that school sooo there ya go.

Dear Nicky Flash, Why do you insist on opening your sock drawer, taking each pair out one by one, UNPARING THEM, and then dropping them into a pile on the floor?  I guess the worst part is that you unpair them.  buuuut I guess there are worse things you could be doing, like taking things out of the garbage one by one and dropping them into a pile on the floor… sooo I’ll be fine with the sock thing.

Dear C-dizzy, (I just made that nick name up) why do you ask me at 8:45 AM what’s for dinner?  Oh, and thank you for getting out the thera pearl eye mask for me when I have a headache.  (I love that thing).

Dear SmEllen: When are we going to go clothes shopping?  Like for real no toddlers allowed, clothes shopping.  We haven’t gone since JANUARY!  I think we’re allowed to go soon right?