What I’m Loving Wednesday


what Im loving wednesday

nicholas sweater

My Baby: Ohh he’s had extra energy lately… he is tiring everyone out!  Check out the Syracuse Sweater!


Clyde’s in Washington D.C.: When we were in DC for the NCAA tournament games this was the HOT SPOT.  I picked it without even knowing this was were to be for sure.  They have multiple bars inside, excellent food, and celebrities wondering around.  By celebrities I mean Derrick Coleman and Lavar Arrington.  I totally recommend this place to eat, watch a sporting event, have a drink, meet up with friends etc.  We were totally loving it.

derrick coleman

Derrick Coleman: HELLOO Derrick Coleman!  Played for Syracuse basketball 1986-1990!  The first years of mah life.  Then he went on to play in the NBA.  Honestly, I didn’t know who he was… but everyone else did so I got my picture taken with him.


LaVar Arrington: HELLOOO LaVar Arrington!  Former linebacker in the NFL… played for the Redskins for 6 seasons and then 1 season for the NEW YORK GIANTS!  We’re basically now best friends.  Can’t you tell?

jimmy b cutting the nets

Syracuse in the FINAL FOUR: Chris took this picture of Jim Boeheim cutting the nets.  Syracuse is goin to the final four!!!!!


2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday

  1. I am sooo excited for RHONJ! They are my FAVE! I didn’t do a March Madness bracket this year. My brother usually does it for me and he said it would be busted anyway. 😉

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