Make Me Smile Monday


su game

On Thursday we drove down to DC to watch the Syracuse vs. Indiana game and Miami vs. Marquette!  IT WAS AMAZING!  Chris stayed for the Syracuse vs. Marquette game Saturday… but I back by in NY with Nicholas by Friday night.

syracuse sweater

Leave it to my mom to knit a Syracuse sweater JUST in time for the Elite 8 game for Nicholas.  He wore it to the cupcake shop before the game – and everrryyone in town loved it!


I made Pizzelles Saturday… and I only had 2 eggs!!  GREAT thing lets you change the servings and I played with the number until the ingredients listed 2 eggs… for everything else I had like random amounts like 1 cup and 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour… but no biggie… I have all the measuring tools.  Sooo I was able to make like 20.

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