All Star Celebrity Apprentice so far…


I previously predicted the order in which the celebrities would leave.  To my big suprise… no celebrity has quit on their own yet (which happens a lot).

This is what I guessed….

  1. Bret Michaels
  2. Dennis Rodman
  3. Lisa Rinna
  4. Brande Roderick
  5. Claudia Jordan
  6. Gary Busey
  7. Dee Snider
  8. Omarosa
  9. Marilu Henner
  10. Penn Jillette
  11. Stephen Baldwin
  12. Trace Adkins
  13. Lil Jon (WINS IT ALL!!)

This is what’s REALLY happened so far….

  1. Bret Michaels (not fair because I knew that before I made my list)
  2. Dee Snider
  3. La Toya Jackson (who I didnt even have in my list for some reason)
  4. Claudia Jordan
  5. Omarosa

mmmm not really getting them right so far… but the people I have in the final 5 are all still there!

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