Flash Back Friday



Cortland, New York Spring 2007… We had a big snow storm and then hot weather like all in the same week.  This next picture was taken exactly 7 days after the first picture.  It’s me with the snow man’s stick arms.  Why did I have to have an alcoholic beverage in every picture (a bottle of vodka was my choice to hold for the 2nd)… umm because I thought that was cool?  Now days I hardly ever drink, and if I do, I’d probably put it down and hide it for the photo.  Oh how much has changed in 7 years.  However- I still own all my abercrombie and hollister hoodies… I parted with all the t-shirts… and probably could say good bye to the hollister hoodies… but those abercrombie hoodies are made with REAL quality I’m telling you they really are – at least they were back in 2004 when I dropped mad dough (I just got embarassed writing mad dough) on some sweet hoodies… they’re like 10 years old and still holding up fine.  When I do wear them I feel like a wanna be teen mom that isn’t a teen and I just get all ugh I can’t wear this anymore – anyone else have this problem?  One thing I am glad I never invested in is the PINK vic secret clothing line… like do I really want all my yoga pants to say PINK on the butt in rinestones?  No.  but what if I had 5 perfectly good pairs (really glad that I don’t!)… k I think I’m done rambling on.


2 thoughts on “Flash Back Friday

  1. Oh A&F hoodies…how I miss you. Have you been into one of their stores in the past decade? The furthest I’ve gotten is three steps in….that’s where all the cologne just hits you in the face forcing you to run away screaming.

    On that note, you’ve inspired me to dig through my closet to see if I kept one of my favorite A&F hoodies from my college years. Wish me luck!!

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