Flash Back Friday



Cortland, New York Spring 2007… We had a big snow storm and then hot weather like all in the same week.  This next picture was taken exactly 7 days after the first picture.  It’s me with the snow man’s stick arms.  Why did I have to have an alcoholic beverage in every picture (a bottle of vodka was my choice to hold for the 2nd)… umm because I thought that was cool?  Now days I hardly ever drink, and if I do, I’d probably put it down and hide it for the photo.  Oh how much has changed in 7 years.  However- I still own all my abercrombie and hollister hoodies… I parted with all the t-shirts… and probably could say good bye to the hollister hoodies… but those abercrombie hoodies are made with REAL quality I’m telling you they really are – at least they were back in 2004 when I dropped mad dough (I just got embarassed writing mad dough) on some sweet hoodies… they’re like 10 years old and still holding up fine.  When I do wear them I feel like a wanna be teen mom that isn’t a teen and I just get all ugh I can’t wear this anymore – anyone else have this problem?  One thing I am glad I never invested in is the PINK vic secret clothing line… like do I really want all my yoga pants to say PINK on the butt in rinestones?  No.  but what if I had 5 perfectly good pairs (really glad that I don’t!)… k I think I’m done rambling on.