What I’m loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday


Nicholas: Always loving Nicholini!  This picture was taken when he was 6 months old.


We’re GOING to the SU vs. Indiana and Miami vs. Marquette game TOMORROW:  You read that correctly.  After Syracuse won Saturday – we said, let’s just GO to the DC game… let’s just do it.  And so it’s happening.  This is very spontaneous for me.  I used to be spontaneous, and then I had a baby and I became Predictable Pam.  (I seriously just googled girl names that start with P so I could come up with that).  ANYWAYS – I am pretty excited.


Green Tea: Way to follow the SU game with GREEN TEA… I really am Predictable Pam.  Or Boring Betsy?  So… instead of having 3 cups of coffee a day.  I am having 2 in the morning and then 1 green tea in the afternoon (between 1:30 and 3:30) omg I really really am Predictable Pam.  I researched (googled) the benefits – and I thought… why not… it basically tastes like nothing but hot water with some boring but not terrible flavor… I can drink that for the antioxidants.


Spring Breakers: Umm this movie came out last Friday…. has anyone seen it?  I think it looks like it’d be terrible (because James Franco has cornrows).  But I am totally intrigued.

5 guys

5 guys: As much as I’m loving this, I am hating it.  I ordered little cheese burger and small fry… and what I actually recieved was a large cheese burger with a grocery bag full of fries.  I inhaled this meal, thoroughly enjoyed it, and then felt tremendous guilt.  That doesn’t exactly mean I wouldn’t do it again… because I know I will… just maybe like once a year.  I won’t return until 2014 now.


Tweezerman Stainless Steel No Slip Skin Care Tool: Have you ever used one of these?  It’s a tool to extract blackheads and achne and basically pick your face.  Well they can be addicting and disastrous.  I do not own one right now.  I am scared.  If I did own one then I wouldn’t use my hands and random objects to pick my face… but I’d also spend probably 30 minutes a night destroying my face.  So I’m loving it… but I’m hesitant.


Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray: Does anyone use this product other than me?  They have to or they wouldn’t make it right?  I use it all the time.  This was my conversation with my friend Kristin… Me, “Do you ever use wrinkle releaser spray?”  Kristin, “no the only thing I use on my face is the st ives cream Dr.Oz recommends.” ……. seriously…. that convo happened.  So… the point of saying that I am loving this is because I am and other people probably should too because it gets wrinkles out (of your clothes, not face) and smells good.

cool ranch

Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos: Have you seen Jim Gaffigan’s stand up?  Where he discusses McDonalds – like if you’re there and see some one you know you’re like oh no I’m just using the ATM they have what are you doing here?  That’s why they invented the drive thru… you can pretend you’re invisable while scarfing that cheesey gordita crunch in the parking lot with your 16 month old in the back judging you but you know they’ll never tell because they can’t really say more than a few words.  What am I going to do when he can talk!?  “Dad, mom vacuumed the entire time you were gone, and then we went to the drive thru and she had 2 rodeo cheese burgers in under a minute.”  (I always vacuum the second he leaves because I love it and I don’t need to be judged for how often and long I like to do it).  OKAY, so to the point, I tried cool ranch doritos tacos, but then had to pretend I never tried it when Chris brought it home.  But Nicholas knew I ate it… he just couldn’t tell on me yet.