Thursday Thoughts


the neighbors purses

I was disspointed that The Middle, Modern Family, and Nashville weren’t going to be new last night… but I was very excited about a new episode of The Neighbors with BETHENNY FRANKLE!  I have to admit I used to be a bigger fan of her than I am now.  I would read her books… but now she has too many and I haven’t kept up.  Her new talk show I haven’t figured out what channel it’s on, and I don’t have cable so I’ll probably never see it.  I was devestated when I heard that her and Jason split… I was REALLY routing for them ya know.  ANYWAYS – the episode was pretty good.  I wish that ABC didn’t show basically ALL of her parts in previews but oh well.

march maddness

March Madness starts TODAY!  Technically it goes into April, so why is it March Madness?  Let’s go Syracuse!!  Why does the Syracuse game have to be on at 10 PM???

baby times cover

I never mentioned that Nicholas was on the cover of a baby magazine, Baby Times.  He’s 6 months old here.  I just went to the site and the magazine cover is still there!  It was totally weird/so cool to go to a diner or the zoo and see stacks of pictures of my child.  I HAVE to admit, I do have a good friend that works there, and she recommended him to be on the cover.  So he wasn’t totally discovered by luck – but he is pretty adorable if you ask me!  And yeah I have a copy framed to keep forever.