What I’m Loving Wednesday

what Im loving wednesday

nicholas sleeping tiny

Nicholas: I’m always loving baby Nicholini!  This photo was taken when he was under 3 months.  He’s so tiny!


Thai Food from Bangkok Restaurant: Bangkok makes you feel like family and their Thai food is so amazing.  I’ve been going there for years.  We went for my mom’s birthday dinner last night (Nicholas included) and had a great time.  It is located in Liverpool, NY on route 57.

d.l. hugley

When someone on Dancing With The Stars really can’t dance (D.L. Hughley):  Anyone happen to catch DWTS Monday night?  EPPP!  D.L. Hughley’s cha-cha to Flo Rider’s “Get Low” was pretty bad.  BUT that’s what I WANT to see premire night, a bunch of “Stars” totally out of their comfort zone dancing terribly… and THEN they slowly improve.


Pizzelles: Easter is coming and I’ll be making lots of these soon!

The celebrity contestants for the upcoming ABC show 'Splash' film a promo at the Aquatic center.

Splash on ABC: This premired last night. ANNNND it was amazing. The suspense was incredible. The best part of the show, Louie Anderson doing everything for the troops, Kareem Abdul Jabbar in a bathing suit, and Joey Lawrence is a co-host.