Pop Sugar Must Have Box Review March 2013

My March 2013 Pop Sugar Must Have Box Review…


Corkatoo Waiter’s Corkscrew: ($12.47)  This was my favorite thing in the entire box.  I loved it!  We even used it already.  I got the red one.


The Laundress – Denim Wash: ($19) I saw other Pop Sugar Reviews and they didn’t get Denim Wash.  I was expecting Delicate Wash… which I’d use.  Denim Wash I guess I’d use… but when do I do a load of JUST jeans.  Since yoga pants have been invented I basically wear them instead of jeans.  Ah I was still excited to get this.  Very cool.


Heather Belle Octagon Tassel Necklace: ($72) I like this necklace!  I’d never spend $72 dollars on it though.  The first time I wore it… IT BROKE.  Nicholas hardly pulled on it and the octagon tassel thing fell right off the chain.  If I really spent $72 on it I’d feel like a foool.  I can fix it by squeezing the link so it doesnt slip out… but I know I’ll be paranoid that it’ll fall off whenever I wear it now.



The New Black Nail Polish 2 set: ($10) I loved this!  I got a metallic orange and red (not the exact colors above).  I immediately painted my toes orange for Syracuse!  I really liked that they came in twos.


Buxom Sculpted Lash Mascara: ($19) Wow!  That brush is cra-zy.  I used it and it seemed to work well.  It doesnt clump on the brush (neither does the bare minerals one I use).  I liked it.

sweater saver

Hollywood Sweater Saver: ($6) So this should remove unsightly pilling from knits, coats and blankets… I haven’t built up the courage or motivation to try it.  I will soon though.  I hope that it works… but I just am pretty skeptical.


Hollywood Fashion Tape: ($8.99) Maybe I’ll use these.  I think I’ll just keep them in my closet – and use them if I need them in a crunch… like getting ready for a wedding.  Or put them in my purse for a wedding to offer someone in the bathroom who is having a difficult time.  I don’t know – but I hope they are put to good use whatever I do with them.


Peeps: ($0.89) I don’t like peeps.  I didn’t like conversation hearts either.  Pshh.

So the total value of the box came to $148.35.  The box costs $35 / month.

2 thoughts on “Pop Sugar Must Have Box Review March 2013

  1. I wish there was an easy way to trade! I got the wool/cashmere wash but I’m pretty sure I don’t own an item with either fabric. I’d totally use the denim wash. I love the color of your polish too, mine are black and white…not bad but I haven’t been excited about trying them out yet. I’ve worn my necklace at least twice this week. Love it!

    • I am wearing my necklace today! It broke on Tuesday but I fixed it. I hope the tassle doesnt fall off randomly. For the nail polish I am glad I didnt get black and white… but I do own a few oranges already – so maybe it would have broadened my collection. I DO own some cashmere and I’m totally afraid to wash it – so that would have worked out for me!

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