Make Me Smile Monday!



This picture was taken Saturday BEFORE SU lost, but this is how I’d imagine they’d look after the terrible game.  They’re actually watching King Kong, which I kept calling Godzilla (100% on accident not just to annoy them).

st patricks

How adorable is this cake!?  I saw it at Biscotti’s while picking up pasticiottis and cannoli’s for family dinner.

coleman's shirt

Nicholas is all ready for St. Patrick’s day in his Coleman’s Irish Pub T-shirt his Great Grandparents got him.  I’ve been saving this shirt for St. Patrick’s day for months.  It’s white so I was scared it’d get stained before the big day.

st patricks shea and nicholas

Cousins enjoying St. Patrick’s day at their Italian Grandparent’s house.

nicholas drawing

Nicholas’ first Kindle drawing masterpiece.

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