Flash Back Friday!!


Once again I asked my friend Kristin to select some photos for flash back Friday… and she picked out some good ones.  I will start with the best (worst) of all…


Excellent pick Kristin.  Expose my blog readers to how absurd I was in 2005.  What a terrific outfit and choice of beverage.  That is how I enjoyed my weekends while my older than me roommates from Long Island went to the bars.  They would leave around midnight – and I would stay behind and entertain those not going or just myself.  In this particular picture my best college friend Jillian stayed in and I  played dress up and posed in her door way.  I am holding that gigantic 40 oz budweiser and wearing my purple elton john sun glasses in every photo.


Oh Christmas 2009 right after I finally graduated.  Here I am in my Grandmother’s kitchen in Vermont eating olives.  I am wearing an apron, not a strange dress (I’m not sure if that’s obvious or not).  Do I look like I’ve matured from the pervious picture?


And I will leave you with an adorable photo of my sister and me.  I believe this was taken in 1995.  I’m 9 and Ellen is 7.