Thursday Thoughts



Spring is coming and that means time for softball.  Chris is playing 4 nights a week and I’ll be playing 1.  The picture above is from last summer.  It’ll be an adjustment having softball run our lives again – but I think I’m ready.


Who knew that white smoke meant Habemus Papum (we have a pope)?  I was really into the hype… I would have enjoyed the smoke to go on for like 18 hours before they told the world.  Everyone just staring at the white smoke waiting not knowing if it could be announced in seconds or days.  Instead it was like less than an hour?


The Neighbors had a musical episode last night!!  And I loved every second of it.


Syracuse won their first Big East tournament game against Seton Hall yesterday 75 – 63.  Today they’ll play Pittsburgh Panthers!  Let’s go OR-ANGE clap clap..clapclapcalp.

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