Thursday Thoughts


I was watching The Neighbors last night and there was this moment where Marty Weaver explains to his 16 year old daughter, Amber, that she will always be “the baby that changed my life forever”.  That Amber is 8 years older than the next sibling in the family and they they were only 25 when they had her.  At this moment in the show I hugged Nicholas tight and told him “YOU’RE the baby that change my life forever!!”  I totally get it.  When he’s 16, and his siblings are 8 years younger than him (yeah that’s competely possible) and he starts to drive and I’m all “oh my babyyy!!” about it – maybe I’ll show him this exact episode of The Nieghbors and tell him that HE is the baby that changed my life forever.  (too deep for my non personal blog?)



Changing the subject completely, because this is Thursday Thoughts and I can say whateverrr… I just wanted to mention how much I like Aziz Ansari.  I watched two of his stand ups (with my sister) the other day annnnd YUP I’m a fan.  Check him out on Netflix.  My favorite part of his stand up is when he talks about his cousin Harris.