What I’m Loving Wednesday (On Tuesday because I can’t wait)

what Im loving wednesday


Nicholini: Ohh my baby.  This picture was taken August 2012 at a family reunion.


My Twistband Headband from my birchbox:  In my Feb box I recieved one of these and I’ve been using it every night when I wash my face to keep my stray hairs from getting all in there.  I keep it in my bathroom for this very purpose.  I got the green one on the right… I wouldn’t have picked that color myself but that’s what’s fun about birch box.  http://www.birchbox.com/shop/twistband-skinny-headband-6pk

judge judy

Judge Judy: I used to not like Judge Judy.  She yelled at everyone and called people stupid a lot.  BUT she’s growing on me.  I would LIKE to believe that if I were on her show she’d consider me the competent one and the person against me to be the moron she rips appart.  What am I saying?  I’d never go on Judge Judy ever ever ever in my life.  How humiliating.  I don’t understand the people who voluntarily go on the show.  C say’s the show it totally fake like all reality TV.  (I still believe it’s real).  Judge Judy is on right before Wheel of Fortune, and I don’t mind it if I catch the last 10 minutes of the show.  I secretly wish I could go around and tell people exactly how dumb they are and how they can simply fix it in the most generalized statements (SO GET A JOB.  SO GO TO COLLEGE.  SO YOU DON’T SIGN THE LEASE.  SO DON’T LEND HIM MONEY… you get the idea).


Gianelli Hot Italian Sausage: I’ve lived in upstate NY my entire life… Gianelli sausage is a food staple here.  If you’re ever in the area this is something you’ve got to try.


Munchkin fresh food feeder: I was SOOO anti these mesh nets… I thought they were so weird.  My friend (who doesn’t have a child) gave me one and said somebody she knew swore by it.  I put a banana in there, gave it to Nicholas, and had a huge mess.  He basically squeezed the banana through the net, sort of ate it, but mostly just smeared his banana hands all over everything (aint no body got time for that).  So I never used the thing again.  UNTIL I went to a baby shower a few weeks ago and I was told that you can put an ICE CUBE in it!  Genius.  I did this as soon as I got home… and now Nicholas has an ice cube every night in his baby net.  SO I 100% recommedend this product, but not for food, just for ice cubes.


Omarosa’s rap on episode 1 of the Celebrity Apprentice: “I’m sittin in Trump Tower / Tryin to get a lil Power / And I am able to get fired / because I’m tired / of going in to fight every night in front of Trump.”  WHAT?!


A Grandma who knits:  My mom knits… and I’m loving it.  I am going to say that so is Nicholas.