Last night I recieved a text message at 10:48 PM from my friend Tiffany saying, “Poor Gunnar!!”.  I was asleep and didn’t read it until 6:05 AM this morning.  NOW  I have to find out what happens to Gunnar about 3/4th of the way into the episode!

Everyone knows I dislike Avery Barkley (who doesn’t?).  I enjoyed the moment where he happened to go to the Blue Bird for open mic night – but it was closed for a private event (Deacon’s suprise birthday party) – he looks through the red blinds and sees Scarlett and Gunnar perfroming.  HA HA!


Annnd… I know why my friend texted me “Poor Gunnar”… his brother died.  This is going to sound TOTALLY insensitive (but it’s A TV SHOW)… Gunnar’s brother dead is actually a good thing… now he won’t drag him into trouble.