What I’m Loving Wednesday!

what Im loving wednesday


Nicholas: Oh my baby had 3 shots Monday.  I love him!  This picture was taken summer 2012.


Pastabilities Spicy Hot Tomato Oil: Pastabilities is an excellent Italian restuaurant located Downtown Armory Square Syracuse, New York.  When you sit down to eat they bring you bread and this Spicy Hot Tomato Oil (SHTO) and it is unforgettably amazing.  I recently discovered they’re selling it at Wegmans now!!  You can also buy it at their bakery across the street from the resturant or online here: http://shop.hottom.com


Replacing your shower curtain liner: Ya know when the bottom of your shower curtain liner starts to turn gross… and you decide you’ll clean it.  Maybe pinterest how to wash it in the washing machine with vinegar or something… well I realized that clear mildew resistant shower curtains cost less than $7 at Target.  Totally worth the price to just replace that dirty one.


Celebrity Wife Swap Kate Gosselin / Kendra Wilkinson: Last night was the premire of Celebrity Wife Swap and I loved this pairing!  My favorite part of the entire show was when Kendra had the 8 kids have a taco basement picnic and one of the sextuplets stepped on their sibling’s taco.

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