The Amazing Race…

I HAPPENED to catch the first episode of season 20,354,305,435 on Sunday… (Actually season 22).  I wanted to quickly talk about the couples…  Let’s see if my snap judgments are correct.  I only did pictures of who I found the most interesting.

Bates and Anthony – pro hockey player brothers.  yawn.

Caroline and Jennifer – country singers… yawn.

The Amazing Race

Chuck and Wynona – husband and wife rednecks… a taxidermist with a mullet??  This can’t be real.

David and Conor – father son team that have beaten cancer together… I don’t feel like being emotional.

The Amazing Race

Idries and Jamil – OB/GYN Twins.  What?  Weird.  They can’t top the sri lankan twins from last season.  They actually seemed pretty whiny.

John Erck, Jessica Hoel – a normal boring couple.

Joey and Meghan – youtube hosts… I am not going to check out their youtube… unless they make it past the half way point.

The Amazing Race

Max and Katie – newly weds of four weeks from Buffalo, NY.  They MIGHT be my fav.

Matthew and Daniel – best friend firefighters… they are out already.

Mona and Beth – roller derby moms… yawn.

The Amazing Race

Pamela and Winnie – Asian best friends… they seem like man haters.