February Birchbox Review…

My February Birtchbox arrived!



Ghirardelli Milk & Chocolate Square:  love chocolate.  I prefer dark chocolate.  I recieved so much chocolate for Valentine’s day.  This tiny square didn’t do it for me.  It’s currently in the freezer… I’ll consume it some day soon.


Twistband Headband Collection: I got the army green.  The smaller hair ties from this brand don’t hold my hair up, but this is the headband… and I LOVE it.  Seriously every girl should have some of these.


Juicy Couture Couture La La: I honestly didn’t really smell this.  I assume it smells similar to all the other juicy perfumes?  Which I seem to get almost monthly.  I will change my review if I use it and I’m significantly impressed or signifcantly dislike it.


Ojon Volume Advance Thickening Spray: I was pretty excited when I got this FULL size product in my birchbox.  I have super straight hair.  I wash and blow dry it – and that’s my hair routine.  This is such a fun product – I can spray it in my wet hair and make believe it’s giving me more volume… maybe it is, maybe it’s not… it’s like taking vitamins… you just don’t REALLY know.  I really DO think that it’s making my hair thicker.  I just don’t love the smell.


Color Club Fiesta Collection (Mamba): Eh another nail polish.  I put this on my toes immediately because it’s February the month of love.  This red is too RED for me.  But I am glad I didnt get the very ugly wild Cactus or Artsy Craftsy green… nails just shouldnt be green unless you’re very into St. Patricks day.