My first Graze Box…


My first graze box.

  • Honeycomb Crunch – I LOVED THIS.  It was chocolate covered honeycomb, raisins, and almonds.  SO good.  I love everything chocolate.
  • The British Barbecue – rosemary crostini, mini basil breadsticks, fiery seeds and smoked almonds.  Savery is right.  This snack was delightful and flavorful!
  • Garden of England – mini strawberries, blackcurrants, and apple.  Ummm I thought these would be dry and crispy but they are soft and leathery.  But still tastey… but the blackcurrants, which I’ve never had before were bitter.
  • Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack – rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamon.  I scarfed this down after spin class.  At first I thought, this is bland… but then I started to really enjoy the texture.  It’s mushier and fresher than a regular granola bar… then I looked at the nutrition facts and it has 95% of your daily vitamin A.  So I looked up what vitamin A is good for your eyes and my eyes are terrible espeically lately (I won’t get into that).  SO I feel pretty great about eating this instead of like a cup of goldfish crackers.

Nemo and Leonard Cooper

drive home

My drive home Friday, Feb 8th 2013… this was Nemo for central New York.  nbd.


GOOO LEONARD COOPER!  Leonard is going to the finals in the Teen Jeopardy Tournament – and he’s my fav.  I captured this photo of my tv while Leonard was telling the story of how a girl in school that sits behind him put a pink highlighter in his afro and he didnt find it until a few days later.  How adorablely weird (I’ll say what the world was thinking – so does Leonard take showers and wash the fro?  Or does he wear a shower cap?? – did the highlighter survive the showers and stayed lodged in his hair?)