I love me some wheel…


I love me some Wheel of Fortune.  I watch it every night I can.  Did anyone happen to see this couple a few weeks ago?  I loved Julie and Joey!  Well mostly I just loved Joey’s ridiculous beard.


Did you know that I have an autographed Pat Sajak black and white picture?  I wrote to him when I was in 3rd grade – everyone in my class had to write to a celebrity.  In 1994 the girls wrote to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Rosie O’donnell, JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), and Rider Strong and the boys wrote to Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Deion Sanders, Wayne Gretzky, and Mike Tyson.  BUT I had to be the weirdo writing to Pat Sajak.  I have to tell you I got the best response out of anyone in my class… an actual autographed picture!

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