Last night I recieved a text message at 10:48 PM from my friend Tiffany saying, “Poor Gunnar!!”.  I was asleep and didn’t read it until 6:05 AM this morning.  NOW  I have to find out what happens to Gunnar about 3/4th of the way into the episode!

Everyone knows I dislike Avery Barkley (who doesn’t?).  I enjoyed the moment where he happened to go to the Blue Bird for open mic night – but it was closed for a private event (Deacon’s suprise birthday party) – he looks through the red blinds and sees Scarlett and Gunnar perfroming.  HA HA!


Annnd… I know why my friend texted me “Poor Gunnar”… his brother died.  This is going to sound TOTALLY insensitive (but it’s A TV SHOW)… Gunnar’s brother dead is actually a good thing… now he won’t drag him into trouble.



What I’m Loving Wednesday!

what Im loving wednesday


Nicholas: Oh my baby had 3 shots Monday.  I love him!  This picture was taken summer 2012.


Pastabilities Spicy Hot Tomato Oil: Pastabilities is an excellent Italian restuaurant located Downtown Armory Square Syracuse, New York.  When you sit down to eat they bring you bread and this Spicy Hot Tomato Oil (SHTO) and it is unforgettably amazing.  I recently discovered they’re selling it at Wegmans now!!  You can also buy it at their bakery across the street from the resturant or online here:


Replacing your shower curtain liner: Ya know when the bottom of your shower curtain liner starts to turn gross… and you decide you’ll clean it.  Maybe pinterest how to wash it in the washing machine with vinegar or something… well I realized that clear mildew resistant shower curtains cost less than $7 at Target.  Totally worth the price to just replace that dirty one.


Celebrity Wife Swap Kate Gosselin / Kendra Wilkinson: Last night was the premire of Celebrity Wife Swap and I loved this pairing!  My favorite part of the entire show was when Kendra had the 8 kids have a taco basement picnic and one of the sextuplets stepped on their sibling’s taco.

Dancing With The Stars Season 16 Prediction!


I am pretty happy with the cast reveal of DWTS Season 16.  Last season I was dissapointed.  SO here is my prediction of who will get sent home in this order…

  1. Ingo Rademacher
  2. Lisa Vanderpump
  3. D.L. Hughley
  4. Wynonna Judd
  5. Andy Dick
  6. Victor Ortiz
  7. Kelli Pickler
  8. Zendaya Coleman
  9. Jacoby Jones – 3rd place
  10. Dororthy Hamill – 2nd place
  11. Aly Raisman – THE WINNER!

Jeopardy Tournament of Champions Final Show Tonight!

It all comes down to tonight!  Only three contestants remain!  They’ll go into the final match with Colby having $22,200, Kristin with $400, and Kieth with $4,800.  It looks like Colby’s the favorite to win… but we all saw how Leonard Cooper came from behind and shocked the world with his incredible win… I’m sort of hoping Kristin beats these boys.  OR Colby wins and does 3 cartwheels and knocks over Alex… and it’s really awkward.


Colby Burnett – a high school teacher from Chicago.  His facial expressions are amazing.


Kristin Morgan – Works for NASA


Kieth Whitener – Research Chemist

Graze Box Reviews

My 2nd and 3rd Graze box…


  • Toffee Apple: I thought I’d like this.  But I didn’t.  The sticky toffee just didn’t do it for me… and the granny smith apple slices were so tiny and chewy.  I decided to ask to not get this again in my box.
  • Dark Rocky Road: pecan nuts, dark chocolate buttons, and cranberries… why the heck not?!  This was just okay.  I wasn’t wild over it.
  • Black Pepper Pistachios: I’ve had pistachios before, but never with black pepper.  hmmm not my favorite.  I am not in a pistachios kinda mood the past year.
  • Bonnie Wee Oatbakes: red onion marmalade with cheese and chive oatbakes.  GROSS.  I hated this.


  • Java Cake: roasted hazels, orange infused raisins, and dark chocolate buttons.  The hazelnuts were excellent, can’t go wrong with dark chocolate buttons, but the orange infused raisins were weird… it was like my mouth was expecting a raisin and got an orange flavored raisin(that’s actually exactly what happened).  I guess it was pretty good.
  • Pomodoro Rustichella: Cheese croutons, tomato, basil and oregano almonds and mini tomato breadsticks… this was okay, not my favorite from the savory selection.
  • Super Berry Detox: blueberries, green raisins, goji berries, and cranberries.  (I haven’t tried this yet and will update when I do)
  • Summber Berry Compote: Berry Compote with wholemeal shortbread dippers.  Yum.  This was good.  I liked the shortbread dippers.

My Oscar Picks…


Best Picture – Argo


Best Actor: Daniel Day Lewis – Lincoln


Best Actress: Quvenzhane Wallis – Beasts of The Southern Wild


Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz – Django Unchained


Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway – Les Miserables


Best Director: Steven Spielberg – Lincoln

Jeopardy Tournament of Champions, Chicken and Waffles, Fresh Take


I know these pictures are terrible but my phone is ancient and Nicholas can sense a camera from a mile away.  So I snuck these in during Jeopardy last night.  This week is Jeopardy Tournament of Champions.  It’s nice to see the familiar faces of big winners from the past year… however going from a teen tournament to a champion tournament is really a shock to my intelligence – I don’t scream out nearly as many correct “questions” now.


I JUST tried Lays Chicken & Waffles Chips.  Lays recently came out with three new chip flavors, Chicken & Waffles, Cheesey Garlic Bread, and Sriracha.  These chips I just tried taste like… maple syrup… and chicken.  Weird.  I don’t put maple syrup on my chicken.  This is something I’d try but never repeat buy.

fresh take

Last night I made 4 chicken cutlets, dipped them in eggs, breaded them with Kraft’s Cheddar Jack & Bacon mix, put them in the oven for 15 on 375 and PERFECTION!  I am excited to try all the flavors now.  So easy and fun.