What I’m Loving Wednesday!

what Im loving wednesday

I decided to do “What I’m Loving Wednesday”. http://www.ramblingsofasuburbanmom.com/ does this on wednesdays and she gets it from http://littledaisymay.blogspot.com/.

I’m Loving…

nicholas and shea

My baby boy Nicholas and Niece Shea: Nicholas can always make me smile.  My little Nicholini!!!  I could hug him forever.  And Shea Shea’s a totally awesome 5 year old.  Cousins for life.


Chap Stick: Over the weekend I had a coupon for chap stick – I went to kinney’s to find out that they were buy one get one free!  So I stocked up on a few different kinds of chap sticks.  Right now I have one by my bed, three in my desk at work, one in my car, and one in my gym locker… and probably a few I don’t even know about.  NO dry lips for this mama.


How Mindy wears the most EXPENSIVE clothes ever:  Guess how much this silly poka dotted sweater Mindy Kailing is wearing from last nights episode…. yeah it’s $368 from Saks.  I love it!  I mean I don’t love the sweater, I just love how much it costs.  If I had my own show I’d want the most expensive ridiculous fun clothes, and then I’d want to keep them all.


My Dyson DVC14 All Floors Vacuum: I bought this 10/11/2011… exactly 20 days before Nicholas was born.  I got it for $199 from woot refirbished.  I love to vacuum.  Vacuuming is my favorite chore.  This vacuum is terrific.


Spin class: My work out routine goes Monday – Spin, Tuesday – Boot camp, Wednesday – Spin, Thursday – Boot camp, Friday – Yin Yoga…… and lately I’ve been enjoying spin.  It’s my release for suppressed anger.

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