TV shows I stay up to date on…


Here is a list of Television shows I stay up to date on (I watch the day it airs or within a day or two).  Tell me what you watch and what’s your favorite.




Raising Hope

Ben and Kate

New Girl

The Mindy Project

Go On

The New Normal

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23


The Middle

The Neighbors

Modern Family




30 Rock

Parks and Recreation

The Office


Last Man Standing

Malibu Country

Shark Tank


2 thoughts on “TV shows I stay up to date on…

  1. Sunday: Girls @ 9PM on HBO
    Monday: Carries Diaries @ 8PM on CW (Normally, I would have nothing for this time slot up until a week ago. I LOVED the. HBO Sex and the City series. It is wierd to watch “Carrie” as a teenager while I myself am an adult, when I watched “Carrie” as an adult while I myself was a teenager. It is like the twilight zone)
    Tuesday: New Girl @ 9PM followed by The Mindy Project @ 9:30PM on Fox (My favorite night! I just laugh and laugh!)
    Wednesday: Modern Family (LOVE SophiaColombianas unite!)-@ 9 (Suburgatory follows-this show is TERRIBLE. I try to use this half hour to nap while awaiting Nashville to begin, being that I will be up to 11 when this shows ends. 1 hour past my “bedtime”) Nashville(ADDICTED to this show) @ 10PM on ABC
    Thur:Glee @ 9 on Fox (I live my own life as a musical)

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