So I was reading birch box reviews on random blogs. I came across this blog…

This link is to her subscription box list. I read through them all. I also read her reviews on them. I was overwhelmed with how many boxes there are out there other than birch box. I ALMOST joined a baby box… but I went another direction.

I am going with PopSugar. The blog author seemed to be fond of this box. Since she’s subscribed to so many boxes I’ll guess her favorite and go with that one. I really value this ladies opinions, she’s taken the time and money to really know her stuff. The box will have full size products worth over $100. I signed up for $95 for 3 months ($31.66 / month).
I will be sure to update my blog on the items I receive. I am pretty excited!

Harvey Prince – Skinny Chic


I recieved a sample of Harvey Prince – Skinny Chic perfume in my January Birch Box.  I love it.  It’s not like any other perfume I’ve tried.  It’s energizing!  It is described to smell fresh with a fruity blend of apple, mint, and grapefruit, lotus blossom – notes of bergamot, fennel, white cedarwood, amber, and iris mix and mingle.  I literally feel alive after spraying it.  I read the reviews and some people disliked it while other fell in love.  I am a believer, this scent it great.  I hope anyone who smells it on me agrees.  I did find that only one spray is enough – more than one it’s over load.