invest in expensive socks

nike socks

These Nike Dri Fit half cushion no show socks are $16 for a three pack… but you’ll fall in love.  They never slip.  They are comfy.  And they tell you which foot the sock goes on.  A right and a left sock?  Who knew!?  I have these in black and white.  Black to wear with my booties at work, and white to wear to the gym and where ever else.  I buy them from sports authority and get points on my rewards card.  Which then gives me money coupons for me to buy more Nike Dri Fit socks.  It’s a vicious sock buying cycle that I want you to join me in.  Size medium fits my size 6.5 woman feet.

My fav baby lotion


I am no expert on babies – I just have one.  I’ve literally had to buy nothing so far for my son when it comes to head to toe body wash, shampoo, and lotions.  I recieved about three years worth of it at my baby shower.  Babies are little (duh), so a 15 oz bottle of lotion will pretty much last them until they quintuple in size (I never in a million years thought I’d ever use the word quintuple).  So to get to the point, one of my favorites is Johnson & Johnson’s shea & cocoa butter baby lotion.  It smells nice and it gentley hydrates baby skin (your hands too).  This large bottle is under $5 and I totally recommend it.

Bistro francais oh la la


If I have these Bistro Francais kitchen items from Williams-Sonoma – do you think my 14 month old son will grow up just automatically knowing the french words for cheese and butter?

Also, I’ve been eyeing these for almost a year and now they’re on sale… I MIGHT buy the butter dish, but do I really want to awkwardly call my butter beurre.  It’s like the weirdest french word of them all.  I like to say fromage, but who keeps their cheese out like that?  Sel and Poivre.  French is such an embarassing lanugage to speak if you’re saying the words correctly.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without me? (and other concerns)


Mindy Kailing’s book is great!  However, reading this book I am anxious to find a friend JUST like Mindy.  I have realized though, that my sister, Ellen, is a little bit like her.  This book actually makes me laugh out loud.  Not just laugh in my head, but a real noise unpredictably busts out of me.  It’s such a easy relaxed read, perfect for bed time.  Mindy is relatable, interesting, and above all funny.  I recommend this book to any female with a sense of humor.