Big Brother 13 Episode 13

First of all I’d like to make a MAJOR complaint to and all other networks that put their shows online.  DO NOT put a picture of the person who is sent home for the week on the website.  SO many shows work this way, each week someone loses, and leaves the show.  STOP ruining it for everyone!  I tried not to look at it but you can’t not see it.

So, I start watching the show already knowing who is evicted.  Brendon.

Anyone who is just flipping through the channels and sees the show – will notice that everyone else looks normal but there is a big guy dressed as an elf.  It looks so bizarre.

Now I am just watching an entire show where they go back and forth trying to convince people in the house to vote one way or another.  I feel like it’s just a waste of time since I already know the outcome.  What am I saying?  This is already a waste of time, it’s Big Brother.  What I don’t know is how everyone votes.  I guess that’s what keeping me watching.

Rachel freaks out and yells at Porcha.  Why would she yell at someone who is one of the only half allies in the house?  Rachel cries and says, “I ruin everything.  And people are going to hate me, and I’m never going get a job, I’m not even that smart.  I’m not a bad person.”  She has a serious breakdown.  Brendon holds her and feeds her ego.  He starts to cry too.  This is sickening.

They interview Evil Dick, Daniele’s dad, who left the show early.  They ask him how he thinks Daniele is doing.  He is not afraid to say that he believes she’s made some bad moves.  He would have done things much differently.
Side note: I love Jordan’s outfit – she looks great!

The votes begin:

Jeff votes to evict: Brendon (no surprise)

Rachel votes to evict: Jordon (she was crying while she voted)

Kalia votes to evict: Brendon (no surprise)

Adam votes to evict: Brendon (I really didn’t know which way he was going to vote)

Porcha votes to evict: Jordon (but she says she regretfully votes to evict Jordon)

Lewon votes to evict: Brendon (no surprise)

Shelly votes to evict: Brendon (I really didn’t know which way she was going to vote)

Julie Chen reveals the vote… Brendon is evicted from the big brother house.  Brendon and Rachel hug each other and cry.  He picks her up and spins her around and then walks out of the house.  Goodbye Brendon!

Julie Chen interviews Brendon and he gets emotional talking about his fiancée, Rachel.

 They play the videos of the house members saying a personal goodbye to Brendon:

Kalia says: hahaha Brendon, I am so happy you’re seeing this message…I genuinely have no clue why you’re so arrogant.  There are a lot of things easier than rocket science and apparently getting you out of this house is one of them!”  

Jordon says: “I hope we get an invitation to ya’lls weddin!  Since Jeff won $10,000 you’ll definitely be getting a good weddin gift, not the whole $10,000 just a little bit.  As Rachel would say, “we love you Brendon!”

Daniele says: “What goes around comes around.”

Rachel says: Sobbing “I couldn’t imagine playing this game without you, I don’t want to think about it.  But we have the rest of our lives together and our babies will always see our love story on TV.”

NEW TWIST!  Time to shake things up!  Julie announces that…. The next house guest that will be evicted will have a chance to get back into the game.  That’s all she tells the houseguests.  America gets to know that – the first 4 house guests evicted from the show have been isolated from the world and haven’t seen each other.  They will battle the next evicted house guest for a chance to reenter the big brother game.

Now for the HOH competition a game called “Check Mate”.

People out of the game:

1st Jordon

2nd Lawon

3rd Adam

4th Rachel (she says the f word and Julie Chen reprimands her, “houseguests let’s keep it clean.”)

5th Jeff

6th Porcha

7th Shelly

The new Head of Household is Kalia!  She’s so happy.

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