Big Brother 13 Episode 12

It’s nice to see that the tables have turned on the show.  Rachel, Brendon, Jordan, and Jeff have been running the house from the start.  Now that Rachel and Brendon are up for eviction, they’re a mess.

There is a ridiculous scene where Rachel and Brendon cry and say they’ll miss each other so much.  I can’t help but roll my eyes.  They are so ruthless, but when it comes to them they are in tears.  They talk about how they’re going to get married and Rachel says, “And then we’ll be a team forever.”  Even Brendon is sobbing.  Brendon says, “I’m going to make a lot more than a half a million dollars, I’m going to invent something that will help cure cancer, and then I’m going to patent it, and we’ll make money for the rest of our lives.”  Good luck Brendon.

Only 6 people can participate in the veto competition, The Head of Household (Daniele), the nominees (Brandon and Rachel), and 3 other players chosen at random.  The three players chosen are Jeff, Adam, and Porcha.  The host will be Lewon.

The veto competition is a combination of all of the pervious competitions from this season.

Daniele called Rachel and Brendon, “Brenchel”!  Hahahaha.

The veto competition eliminates each player in the following order: Adam, Rachel, Daniele, Jeff, Porcha…. And Brendon wins the power of veto.

Rachel runs into Brendon’s arms and they kiss.  It’s really disgusting.  Brendon says, “I told you I’d do it for you.”

Brendon decides to tell everyone he’s using the veto on himself but really he’s going to use it on Rachel.  He thinks that lying to everyone will mess Daniele up at the last minute.

This week America gets to vote that the have nots eat… Coconut and catfish, Liverwurst and lima beans, or Raisins and rhubarb.

Now it is time for the veto meeting.  Brendon uses the veto on Rachel.  Daniele has to name a replacement nominee to put up for eviction.  She nominates Jordon to be up for eviction.  I think that this will be a no brainer for the house!  Brendon will go home and Rachel will cry!

Who will be evicted Brendon or Jordan?  We’ll see!

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