25 weeks 2 days pregnant – Pregnancy Class

Yesterday Chris and I went our pregnancy class.  The theme of the night was stress relief and relaxation.  They had a professional massage therapist come to talk about and teach us massage techniques.  During the class she played ambient music and had the lights dimmed.

The seats for the couples are positioned in a circle making it feel like you’re in an AA meeting.  You also have to give a urine sample upon your arrival, making it seem even more like some type of drug intervention.  Not really, but I like to pretend.  Maybe if I was actually in some time of AA meeting I’d pretend I was in a pregnancy class.

Before the class started they bring each pregnant woman into the exam room and they take a listen to the baby’s heart beat.  I love this part.  Even though I can feel him moving around inside me all the time I still like to hear his tiny heart beating.  The nurses or doctors always ask me questions while they are listening to the heart beat, and I would actually prefer if they just let me listen for a minute.

The class always has healthy snacks that I take full advantage of.  I had two chewy granola bars, some crackers and hummus, and some raw vegetables.  The men, including Chris, also indulge.

The class began by teaching us breathing techniques.  This reminded me of yoga class.  I wish that I hadn’t been in my work clothes and that I was in yoga pants and a big t-shirt.  Then I think I would have been more relaxed and comfortable. After the breathing we went into massage techniques.  Chris actually had to stand behind me in my chair and massage my neck, shoulders, and back.  It was terrific!  At the end of the class the pregnant woman had to also try to techniques on the guys, but only for a couple of minutes.

My favorite part of the class is to observe the body changes of the other pregnant woman.  I think that I am more pregnant looking belly wise than the others.  This is actually not a bad thing.  The others look pregnant but someone who didn’t know could maybe think they might just be fat.  Chris scopes out the other woman too because after the class he commented about how my frame looks mostly the same but some of the other woman looked wider.  So in conclusion I’d say I am okay with the way that I am looking in comparison to the other woman I know that are 25 weeks along.

Next class, Aug 16th, we’ll be watching a video of a real live birth.

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