Real Housewives of New York City – Season 4 – Reunion Part 2

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a devoted viewer of Bravo’s Housewives shows. My two favorites out of the franchise would have to be New York City, and New Jersey. So I’ve been in heaven with both shows airing at the same time this summer. New York City however has ended and New Jersey has a few more episodes left.

If you don’t normally watch – the reunion show is a poor performance of how good it really is. The reunion show typically consists of the housewives talking/yelling over each other and nothing ever gets resolved. Before I get into the actual reunion show, I’d like to do discuss my feelings about each New York City housewife of Season 4.

Jill Zarin – Jill’s been part of the New York City housewives since season 1. She’s since transformed her look to be trendier than when we first meet her back in March 2008. I like Jill and I think that if I was to be a housewife I’d be the most like her out of all the NYC housewives. Maybe I am completely wrong. Now that Bethenny Frankel has left the show I’d have to pick Jill as my favorite.

LuAnn de Lesseps – LuAnn is an original cast member and is also known as the Countess. In season one she was still married to a Count – but has since divorced. I own and read her book, Class with the Countess. Therefore I have to admit I am a fan. Lately she’s rubbed many of the housewives the wrong way with her condescending tone and her tendency to correct other’s etiquette. She has two songs out and they are absolutely awful… so awful you have to like them a little bit.

Ramona Singer – Ramona is an original cast member I have never been a fan of. She’s crazy and unfiltered. She’s 55 years and seems to be going through a mid life crisis. She’d say that’s just who she is but I think she’s just trying extremely hard to stay young. Season 4 ended with Ramona thinking that she may be pregnant – which is ridiculous.

Alex McCord – Alex is another original cast member and I have never been a fan of her. She makes me feel uncomfortable when the other housewives bully her and she tries so desperately to stand her ground. Her husband, Simon, also adds to her weirdness. It’s obvious the two mean well, but this is TV I don’t want to feel like guilty for not liking them.

Kelly Bensimon – Kelly started to appear on the show starting in Season 2. She is a little off some of the time but she has some honest hilarious real moments. When she said, “who’s going to fix my henna tattoo, Santa?”

Sonja Morgan – Sonja started to appear on the show starting in Season 3. Sometimes I think she acts a little bit entitled but besides that I think she is the most fun and unpredictable cast member of the group.

Cindy Barshop – Cindy is the new girl of the season. If I had to say one nice thing about her it would be that I like her accent. Cindy and Jill are the only who woman who have the real New York intonation. Her personality is over shadowed by all the others on the show. I don’t even think she likes any of the other cast members and I hope this is her one and only season.

Now for the reunion part 2… I think this will be difficult to write about since all of the woman were shouting over each other for literally the majority of the show. The show was actually an hour and half (I was expecting it to be an hour). I will try my best.

The first topic of the night was how Ramona refused to be in LuAnn’s music video, “Chic C’est La Vie”. Ramona uses the excuse that she wants to set a good example for Avery, her 16 year old daughter. Ramona explains that the song doesn’t send the right message she’d want for her daughter, but she never explains what the message she thinks is. This excuse is ridiculous because she does embarrassing and inappropriate things on the show. Like constantly drinking pinot grigio, or giving Mario, her husband, an embarrassing bare chest rubdown. So many of the things Ramona does on the show I would assume Avery would find embarrassing and inappropriate. All of the other woman call Ramona out on this but she insists that she is right. Ramona just didn’t want to be in LuAnn’s music video and using her daughter as an explanation is stupid.

The show moves on when Andy Cohan, the host of the show, takes a question from a viewer, “Why does LuAnn always take Jill’s side?” LuAnn explains that it’s because Jill is her friend. Fair enough. Alex chimes in and says, “Because LuAnn has enough dirt on Jill to fill a landfill.” Lame, Alex, lame.

In the beginning of the season Jill had claimed she’s been trying to be a new person. She wants to stay in the positive and avoid the drama. Andy Cohan brings that up and then plays clips of Jill this season saying nasty things about other people and going back to her old gossipy drama filled ways. Jill says in her defense, “no one can change 100%.” And that she was just being herself. True. Jill says she likes herself, honest and snarky. Hey that’s why I like her too… that’s also why she makes for good television. So don’t change too much Jill.

Sonja calls Jill out for complementing her burlesque performance to her face, and then on camera behind her back saying mean things about it. Ah so Jill just takes it. “Okay, you’re right Sonja.”

Andy Cohan asks Jill something about why she doesn’t like the Hamptons. Alex explains that she was an actress for 10 years before the housewives – and that she had to travel there all of the time. This is the first time I’ve ever heard that she was an actress. Kelly Bensimon calls her out by laughing and asking, “What have you been in?” Alex lists random names like a child would when they really badly want to prove themselves to a bully. Okay I’ve had enough I don’t even care.

Andy asks Jill if she’s seen or talked to Bethenny. Jill and Bethenny had a big falling out in a previous season. She basically says no but she wishes her the best. Not juicy at all.

Now for the topic of the night: Is Ramona an alcoholic? They play multiple clips of her drinking, and her searching for pinot obsessively on camera. It was really a theme of the season, Ramona and her wine. Ramona just recently came out with her own brand of wine and she promotes it so obnoxiously it makes me want to boycott the product all together.

Most of the housewives except for Sonja agree that Ramona has a problem. So Ramona does what she’s best at – says something completely inappropriate about someone else when she’s being criticized. Ramona says to Jill, “I know you went to AA and you had a problem. But you’re better now.” Jill said I haven’t gone AA, but if I had AA is anonymous and you just saying that to me is wrong. WHAT? Now that I think about it I have never seen Jill drink really on the show. There is nothing wrong with that or really that suspicious. Ramona proves herself once again that she doesn’t know where the line is. The show then turns into chaos with all the woman yelling over each other. Oh I want it to stop. The topic of Ramona’s drinking goes on for at least a fourth of a show.

Next Andy brings up Ramona calling Jill’s step daughter’s birthmark a “deformity”. Ramona apologizes. When I saw that episode I was appalled by Ramona’s behavior at the event. I am glad they brought it up and that Ramona apologized. THEN Ramona admits that she had a birthmark that she was embarrassed about. Oh come on stop making everything be about you!

The show moves on to the topic of LuAnn being condescending though out the season. Andy shows clips. Half of the clips I think she’s being pretentious and the other half I kind of agree with her.

Ah the show shifts to a more positive topic. LuAnn and her new boyfriend Jacques! Andy asks if she’s older than him. She is. Do the kids like him? They do. Has the Count meet him? No, but they are going to Paris and having dinner with the Count and the children soon. Do LuAnn and Jacques have the same hair stylist? HAHA that’s funny because they do have the same hair.

Next topic… why is Alex’s husband, Simon, so involved in the drama of the show. He’s been accused of “mean tweeting” and confronting the woman on the show. Alex says that he doesn’t do that. They talk about how Simon told Jill to, “watch out.” Alex won’t admit that it was inappropriate. The other woman thought that was wrong and I do too. They asked Alex why she feels the need to fight other people’s fights. This annoys me about Alex. UGH I already had to watch it – now I have to hear about it again. I don’t want to listen to Alex talk anymore. Alex says, “I made thug in a cocktail dress t-shirts and I am giving you two!” LuAnn responds, “Oh good for you, you’re selling t-shirts now.” Oh LuAnn you’re so pompous but I love it! They talk about the Marco trip the woman went on together. Viewers thought that LuAnn acted like the chaperone of the trip. They said that Ramona was rude… and then she blurted out facts about how it is an under developed country – and proves her point that she is offensive.

They talk about how the fortune teller in Marco told Ramona that Mario has another woman in his life. Ramona insists that the other woman is their daughter Avery, and he’s not cheating. Ramona boasts that you need, “trust, communication, and keep the romance alive.” – to keep a good relationship. I have really heard enough from Ramona and how perfect her relationship with Mario is. She loves to throw it in the other’s faces that she still has her marriage and most of them do not. She prides herself on this.

Then the show abruptly ends. They could all go on forever arguing – but I am so glad it is over. I feel like my head is spinning.